BIOKONSULTING, Ltd. is a company with many years of experience in the area of
consulting, implementation and training. This company provides a comprehensive range of services in both theoretical and methodological - but mainly for practical nature conservation and landscape ecology and the construction of line and surface character.
As the main objective of our efforts we protect nature to which we apply innovative approach
and pioneering methods. We seek to preserve the landscape and wild organisms directly, mainly in areas which are mostly affected by buildings and human activities.
At the same time our presence on site of construction is the means of protection of both the investors and the contractors themselves from unwanted errors that would otherwise lead to unnecessary damage of nature and therefore the penalisation and fines by concerned local and national authorities.

Natural person  Consultant Ivan Zwach - BIOKONSULTING was established in 1994 as a biological expert advisory. In 2009 this company transformed into a "legal person" company: BIOKONSULTING, Ltd., the decision of the Regional Court in Brno entry
in the Commercial Register, Section C, insert the 61502nd.

Today, after 18 years of existence,
BIOKONSULTING Ltd., is seen as a guarantee of quality in preparation and construction, including the smooth and incident-free transfer of both investors and contractors over the pitfalls of legal regulations and standards in compliance with the conditions set by nature protection, environmental and other concerned authorities.
Stable and well-coordinated team of professionals and effective company management ensure successful implementation of our services, alongside with the continuous monitoring of the quality of work and implementation of innovative and sensitive procedures of dealing with nature and its inhabitants.

We work with experts from different disciplines and highly regarded scientific capacities. Our permanent attributes are constant efforts to popularize the ideas and principles of nature conservation in our own publications and lectures held at schools from primary to academic level.

Leave your landscape ecology and conservation problems in our hands
and you will find out there is nothing you can do wrong.

Our company operates on the entire territory of the former Czechoslovakia and we provide expert advice throughout Europe.

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